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What Are The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Viscose?

What Are The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Viscose?

Posted on: April 14th, 2021

Have you ever thought about what is viscose linen fabric? Viscose linen blend is a combination of linen fibers with pure natural viscose. The viscose linen stretch printing is treated with bio-enzyme to make it more flexible. Thus, it makes you feel more comfortable, soft, and less prone to wrinkling than regular linen.

Viscose is identical to rayon. During the manufacturing process, it comes with a honey-like texture that occurs. The main element of viscose is wood pulp, which allows it to be stiff and hard to classify as either synthetic or natural. Through this manufacturing process make it more realistic.

Is viscose a good fabric?

Viscose is an excellent option for people who love to wear lightweight clothes and want to feel comfortable. They have a lustrous finish, lightweight, and perfectly blended, making them softer with a  nice drape. Moreover, viscose linen stretch printing is affordable and less expensive, unlike other fabric which provides such luxury. It can blend with polyester, cotton, spandex. Also, they are highly absorbent.

Advantages of viscose

Some of the advantages of viscose linen fabric are listed below

  • They are inexpensive
  • They are super soft, which gives a feel like silk.
  • Feel at a more economical price point and are ideal for those seeking a luxurious look
  • drapes beautifully
  • blends well with other fabric clothes like cotton, polyester, and many others, particularly woven ones
  • They are similar to cotton and are highly breathable.
  • dyes easily and design beautiful, vivid colors

Disadvantage of viscose

However, every product and fabric have some drawbacks despite numerous benefits such as:

  • need to be dry cleaned every day as they get dirty quickly.
  • It is bagging, prone to stretching, and usually doesn’t recover.
  • It is water absorbent and also absorbs moisture, and body oils, which may result in spots
  • It is a fragile fabric and even weaker when it is wet.
  • They are not environmentally friendly as the manufacturing process is harmful to the environment and highly polluting. Also, it is considered an unsustainable cloth despite being composed of natural materials like wood
  • It is not suitable for house furnishing because of the stretching factor.
  • Not easy to wash as spot treating can lead to permanent marking

Final verdict

People prefer to use cotton, silk, and other fabric rather than viscous. However, they are the natural fabric that can be beautifully draped and even the linen and rayon mixed viscous is the ideal crisp fabric.

Although the 100% dense fabric is usually seen in fat fashion retailers and beneficial and used to make blouses and dresses, they feel like silk without hefty prices. People who want to wear them for everyday purposes do not prefer them as they do not last long. Moreover, these fabrics’ dry cleaning cost is more than the others as they are not easy to clean and hard to remove any stain from them.

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