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All You Want To Read About Categories And Classifications Of Patterns

All You Want To Read About Categories And Classifications Of Patterns

Posted on: February 18th, 2021

Patterns are used for decorating unique designs on fabrics and for modifying the elements of the cloth. However, multiple patterns and designs are still unfamiliar among people. The best geometric pattern fabric is always in fashion, but people don’t know about it as it is a vast category. This blog will tell you about different patterns you come across daily but don’t know their names or properties.

Categories and Classifications of patterns

Here is some category of different types of patterns that people come across in daily life.

1.     Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are vast categories and include multiple geometric shapes, including triangles, ovals, circles, or squares. Moreover, they also have symmetrical, regular, and abstract designs compose of stripes, lines, and shapes. They are best for contemporary spaces. Examples of geometric patterns comprise geometric shapes and plaids.

2.     Damask (DAM-usk)

It is named after the beautiful city Damascus. It is made mostly on silk fabric with floral patterns, monochromatic designs, and fruits feature patterns. Nowadays, they are in demand for making table linens, wallpaper design, and upholstery.

3.     Matelassé (Mat-la-SAY)

Matelassé is derived from a French word meaning quilted or padded. This fabric is named under this word as it has patterns that appear padded and matelassé. They are typically used for bedding, pillows, and other home accessories because they have solid, sharp colors to enhance the house’s theme.

4.     Quatrefoil (KAT-ruh-foil or KWA-tra-foil)

Quatrefoil comes to form a Renaissance architecture and Gothic culture derived from Latin word which means “four leaves,” This fabric is named under this concept as it resembles a four-leaf clover. Many quatrefoil variations, such as slipped quatrefoil, which has a small stem, and barbed quatrefoil, are squarer. They are usually used for windows, pillows, and wallpaper.

5.     Houndstooth

Houndstooth is a classic check design wear by Scottish people of lowland like shepherds. Moreover, it is a two-tone design with a different combination of light and dark colors. It is an uneven pattern similar to a dog’s tooth style, so it is named houndstooth. Further, this design is famous among jackets and clothing but is also prodigious for upholstery.

6.     Suzani (Su-ZA-nee)

Suzani is a middle eastern design usually has large patterns with different shape and styles, including sun, vine motifs, florals, and moon disk. In old traditional days, they are presented to the groom on the wedding day as a dowry symbol. Nowadays, it is commonly formed in printed and woven styles and for bedding and window treatments.

7.     Chevron

Chevron is a zigzag pattern and has a V-shaped design style. They are usually preferred by military insignia. They are also more prevalent in the US and were used for years for rock cravings in pottery. Nowadays, they are useful and beautiful to make windows cover, pillow and bedsheet, and curtains.

8.     Paisley

The paisley theme looks like a droplet, teardrop, or tadpole. Its origin is from Persian and Indian. Paisley is also famous today for formal styles and playful, bright colors, perfect for kids’ rooms.

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