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Does The Simple Geometric Pattern Give Meaning To Thing?

Does The Simple Geometric Pattern Give Meaning To Thing?

Posted on: March 18th, 2021

Geometric designs are a collection of repeating or altered to create cohesive patterns and shapes. The best geometric pattern fabric contains modern geometric upholstery fabric, and it gives meaning to the figures. Let’s explore the best geometric print fabric and the psychology of geometric design patterns and shapes.

What is a patterned fabric called?

The patterned fabric can be plaid or checkered with stripes and bars of multiple colors of the same colors with varying thicknesses. There are right cross angles which are sometimes called tartan. Modern geometric fabric is the most in-demand as it is highly versatile and is four-seasonal.

People usually question What makes a pattern geometric? It simple the combination of shapes, lines that are repeating and overlapping over one another.

The Psychology of Shapes

The geometric print fabric has unique psychology as different shape combinations reflect different meanings.

Some common shapes, such as triangles, rhombuses, rectangles, circles, and hexagons, can make unusual, unique, and eye-catching geometric designs for fabric painting. Let’s look at some combination and their meanings

  • Rectangles/Squares: Balance and Tradition
  • Rhombus: Vibrant and Contemporary
  • Hexagon: Unity and Balance
  • Circles: Infinity, Protection, and Femininity
  • Triangles: Stability, Energy, and Aggression

Merging and blending these combinations rises and creates a new intellectual meaning to things. Like the above combination, if we combine triangle and rectangle, it will emphasize a call to return to tradition.

But sometimes, it is not that easy to understand the concept behind the shapes. They are occasionally problematic. It gives your fabric or things a little extra vitality. Also, it makes the thing stand out and look more elegant and professional.

How useful are geometric figures in the design?

Best geometric pattern fabric and geometric shapes give meanings to things and create sense in different patterns and compositions. Most designers and artists use geometric designs to portray an abstract definition of their work. It is an essential element of typography as most designers use geometric patterns to reflect an implied meaning to things as each shape has a different message.

The geometric pattern is beneficial; you can use them for different things such as:

  • Use designs to create images.
  • Play with asymmetry.
  • Combine patterns with photos.
  • Use lighting and shadows creatively.
  • Make a collage.
  • Create isometric patterns.

Shapes can portray expected and some unexpected patterns by combining several elements. Have you ever wondered simples’ shapes can describe these meanings? Even you can make characters or animated characters with the help of form, and they keep the image balance and upright.

The cubist superheroes are existing characters that creates with the help of shapes. So, shapes and geometric patterns are not limited to fabric or printing industries. They are extensive used by different artists as well.

These shapes are incredible; for example, bunches of triangles show the effect of shattered glass. They can add vibrancy and meaning to an image and creates a stunning picture.

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