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Guide To Design Simple Geometric Design on Fabric

Guide To Design Simple Geometric Design on Fabric

Posted on: February 26th, 2021

If you’ve just started your career as a textile designer, then this simple post can be really useful for you as you’ll be expected to have a strong grasp of different fabric designs. The most demanding fabric design is the geometric pattern.

Though there are many tutorials available for high scale geometric designs via Adobe shop, yet you need to learn the basic, and build your foundation to learn the skill of designing best geometric pattern fabric, so what this post aims to help you in similar regard. Here, I am going to teach you how to design rainbow art in geometric design

It looks beautiful, so let’s see how to draw it on fabric

Guide to Draw Simple Geometric Design on Fabric – Rainbow Art

Take 21 x 21 cm square paper, then draw a margin of 20 cm on all four corners of the paper. Now divide each for the sun into a total of 8 sides fast, take 10 centimeters; this one tends individual, then last part is also 10 centimeters. This 10 centimeters section will further be divided into four parts – 2.5 centimeters each.

Each party will be 2.5 centimeters, a total of 8 feet, and do the same on all sides. You see, how each design is divided on the calculated area so one design doesn’t overlap the other.

Alright, start withdrawing lines, and make squares inside the paper. Do it using a pencil, steel ruler, and draw lines very smoothly like a sheet with horizontal rows and vertical columns.

Divide it into a total of eight parts, then draw a square between this paper. Take Luxor – a sharp sketch pen, a compass. Fix sketch pen into a compass. Put the compass on the third point of the column from the left side towards the margin, and draw an arc. Then with according distance make another arc that looks like a set of the bracket in distance. In between, you need to make another arc that joins both in such a way that it makes a cartoon shape design – the cheek and tongue part of the animated dog.

The arc you draw between two arcs, draw the same on the opposite side, this will touch the previous center arc, and will make a cuboid-like shape.

Now, go to the right point from the right side, and draw these arcs in the same pattern. While drawing another similar pattern, the center arc will join from the previous pattern to the new one. This will look like a vertical over a horizontal one. Overall, it’ll give a kind of fish-type look.

Do the same on another side. In juxtaposition with distance points, draw the design on all four sides, in a way it touches others.

Then start making arcs on another side of the paper joining arcs on another side. After getting done with the complete design.

Before computing it, make lines inside in alternate boxes – like often people make in henna designs. Make rainbow-like lines.

Complete the whole design by making these lines. Finally, it’ll look like a DNA fingerprint design. Take a sharp light pencil, and give a light shading, then spread or smooth it using a finger.

The design is finally completed, and looks amazing!

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