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How Are Geometrical Patterns Used In Daily Life?

How Are Geometrical Patterns Used In Daily Life?

Posted on: March 31st, 2021

In the fashion industry, the fabric is the designer’s primary concern as it represents the quality of the product, but why is the material important in fashion? The excellent quality of the fabric makes your fashion experience more pleasing and shows the cloth’s durability. The high-quality fabric remains the same after the wash.

The geometric pattern fashion fabric is one of the leading used materials in the fashion industry. It is a broad form of patterns, including various designs and motifs. These patterns are altered to create a cohesive design and are a collection of shapes or repeating patterns. Let’s look at some of the importance and how geometry is used in the fashion industry.

How is geometry used in fashion design?

Geometry is core to all forms of design. They are all seasonal patterns, including geometric shapes, practices, and prints. These patterns make the cloth look unique even the angles play to determine the necklines and hems, and geometrical patterns also are prevalent in garments fabrics.

What are geometric patterns used for?

Geometric shapes are a great way to represent different looks it shows motion, and reflect fluidity. They perfectly blend with every color and design like you can use them in floral patterns, typography, and even in photos.

But have you ever wondered what the importance of geometric design is? These patterns and procedures are essential in the textile industry and are also used by Architects to study and divide space and draft detailed building plans. Moreover, engineers and builders also use these patterns to create more safe structures.

Designers apply geometry patterns with unique colors and create a geometric pattern fashion fabric that is eye-catching and very subtle.


Applications of geometrical patterns

Have you ever wonder about the creative applications of geometry other than fabric? They are found in Islamic architecture to the complex fractals and Pollock’s drip paintings. Why is geometry such an enduring foundation of our work? There are different natures of geometry n the basis of which it is applicable for other functions.

Natural geometry

Geometrical patterns are everywhere in snowflakes, zebra stripes, branches, nautilus shells, ancient Egypt. These shapes are incredible and naturally made. In fabric, you can see these geometric patterns differently as well, but naturally, you can see these patterns in your surrounding. Some of the standard practices that you see around are.

Symmetry – the near-repetition of a pattern part by reflection or rotation

Spirals – a continuous and steadily flared curve around a central point

Tessellations – patterns shaped by repeating tiles on a flat surface

Fractals – similar patterns recurring at progressively more minor scales

Other applications

Other than these, there are other different types of application of geometric patterns.

  • Pathway and hallway design
  • Fabrics, carpet, and wallpaper designs
  • Prearrangement of the structural system such as columns shaped like trees, and railings like branches
  • Exposed structures or exoskeletons
  • Modular systems such as carpet tiles, multi-purpose furniture
  • Architectural ornamentation and wall art
  • Furniture shape
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