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The Guide On Classification And Categories Of Patterns

The Guide On Classification And Categories Of Patterns

Posted on: April 8th, 2021

Patterns are unique ways to represent repeating elements or motifs to create outstanding decorations on fabrics. We see thousands of patterns each day, like striped, checked and geometric pattern fashion fabric. Every pattern has its exceptional quality and textures. There two main categories in which these patterns are divided into geometric patterns and organic patterns.

Let’s look at the two categories and classify patterns on fabric because they are essential for living.

Classification of patterns

1.     Geometric patterns

What are geometric patterns? There are multiple types of geometric pattern fashion fabric, which can be represented differently in embroidery, printing, and woven. These patterns look bold and vintage on different fabrics like silk, cotton, lawn, wool, and other clothes.

These geometric patterns are categorized into an abstract design which includes geometrical shapes, lines, and plaids, which give a vintage, eclectic, and contemporary look to the person. Which can be used to create geometric patterns?

Shapes and lines are crucial in geometric design. These patterns are frequently repeated with different or same geometric patterns. Moreover, these patterns are four-seasonal and are never out of season, and are always in demand, so they are always visually appealing.

2.     Organic patterns

There are two types of organic and nature-inspired patterns: realistic patterns, which is the reputation of natural objects. In this, the fabric is patterned with natural and organic things repeatedly. These patterns add creativity and colors to the material and make it look elegant, bold, and full of life.

Types of geometric and organic patterns

These geometric and organic patterns are divided into different categories with numerous specifications. Geometric and organic designs are the most eye-catching and visually appealing patterns in the fashion industry. They are available in multiple styles and fulfill an enormous range of roles. Let’s explore more about these types of designs.

  • Abstract patterns consist of different lines and shapes or non-objective motif, which are difficult to describe.
  • Adaptation patterns are significantly modified and bead on another design.
  • African patterns have numerous lines, vivid colors, and animated features. Also, they portray African culture as per the name.
  • Airbrush pattern is a type of fabric design that is very soft, light, blurry, and usually designed with the painter’s spray gun.
  • Animal patterns have animal patterns in the forms of lines, circles like zebra print, tiger print, cheetah print, crocodile pattern, snake pattern, and leopard print fabric.
  • Another famous pattern used in wallpapers and curtains is the anthemion pattern, which represents classic patterns with fan-shaped plan leaves and different motifs. They usually showcase Greek and ancient Egyptian art on fabrics.
  • Calico patterns allow to allover floral design combined with bright colors. They are usually used in country-style fabric and are very appealing and bold.
  • Camouflage patterns are curvy patterns usually used in army suits and have grey, brown, grey, and black.
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