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What do You need To Know About Linen Fabric?

What do You need To Know About Linen Fabric?

Posted on: January 24th, 2021

When it comes to a male’s outfit, then many people ask; what is the best fabric for men to wear in summer, or for almost all seasons? To get a confirmed answer, I approached many male dressing designers, and dressing experts, etc, all suggested one answer; Linen. So let’s discuss what this fabric is about?

What Linen Fabric is?

Linen is made from flax and is originated in Egypt way back obviously because of its cooling characteristics in scorching weather. The linen fabric is a bit expansive instead of cotton, or other fabrics that are commonly used, as the supply is more limited

Also, it’s a lot of higher production costs. Now the main thing is, what is the main strength of Linen, and why it’s must wear in summer? This fabric is a must to wear because of two highlighting factors;

  • its ability to wick moisture
  • breathability

Wicking means the ability to remove moisture from the body to the outside, but how? Linen can absorb up t0 20% of its own eight with water before it starts feeling damp, and by the time you feel damp, it’s evaporated, and that effect is helped by just the extra room in the clothing

This is one of the reasons that linen is a little bit more relaxed, as this fabric is authentic, flowing, and there’s no contact to skin, and moisture can just evaporate.

The second factor is breathability is one help by that same space, like if it’s more flowing, there’s more space between the skin and fabric. But, in many linens, the weave is fairly big sore is air coming through the fabric. This what helps you stay cool.

Another strength of linen fabric is; it fits too quickly. This can be seen in terms of weak points or flaws as well. On one hand, it looks cool, this gives a relaxed vibe, but on the other hand, we can’t go for super fitted linen which is stiff. If it doesn’t stretch, so you don’t get much choice

But again, we can embrace the casualness, embrace the worn, and feel of linen altogether!

 Does Linen Cotton Make a Good Combination?

Okay, another main concern regarding linen with cotton is, does pure linen-cotton blend make a good combination? Yes, it does, but for women wear. Since linen is light in weight fabric, hence it becomes best to wear in blouses and other dresses. The linen and cotton combo is perfect as it protects against any disadvantage which each material has.

On the other hand, the smoothness and softness of cotton resolve the roughness and skin friction issues of wearing linen. Alright, if we talk about each fabric individually, and decide which one is best, then linen is more rigid, yet long-lasting for its cellulose fibers in linen yarn which are slightly longer, and wrapped tighter as compared to cotton yarn

This helps in increasing strength and longevity. Whereas, cotton has soft touch than linen as flax fibers are rougher than cotton fibers.

Following are some features which make it the best pure linen cotton fabric?

  • Comfortable and profoundly breathable
  • Structurally stable as it assists with keeping up the state of the item or individual
  • It has permeable nature as a result of which it has a higher dampness retentiveness
  • It is made without utilizing synthetic compounds and is earth amicable
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