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Pure linen cotton

Pure linen cotton

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Everything you must know about best pure linen cloth!

In the era of artificial materials, to get the best pure linen cotton is a difficult task. So, Wenxin Textile is here to make your job easier by providing you standard quality linen fabric. It is the most commonly used fabric nowadays due to its durability and long-lasting nature.

Linen is a flax-based textile used for homeware applications. Most people prefer to use them for garments in hot and humid climates as they are comfortable and easy to carry. These fabrics have been used for centuries are the most preferred product.

Benefits of choosing linen from us!

We are a leading and strive to aid emerging productiveness requirements regularly. We have best pure linen cloth at the wholesale price. Also, we make sure to meet our customer requirements. Here are some benefits of using linen cloth from us:

Our Linen cotton is 30% stronger than ordinary cotton.
• It is Hypo-allergenic.
• It has porous nature because of which it has a higher moisture absorbency.
• Comfortable and highly breathable.
• Structurally sound as it helps to maintain the shape of the product or person.
• It is manufactured without using chemicals and is environmentally friendly.
• It also holds dye colors better than some other fiber, and thus it is accessible in almost any imaginable color.
• Much smoother and comfortable.

Uses of our linen product

Our linen product can be used for multiple purposes and last for decades. It becomes softer after every wash and has higher moisture absorbency rate. Also, our linen-cotton fibers are considered the best climates for growing the flax plant.

You can use them for different purposes like clothing, curtains, tablecloths, pillows, rugs, rope, blazers, vests, and more. Moreover, it is used for making homeware like napkins, table cloths, kitchen towels, and bath towels. It is also used for bedding and industrial applications like pillowcases, sheets, and canvas cloth for painting. Additionally, you can use them for casual and formal wear and make nightgowns and dressing robes.

Usually, linen cotton has little elastic nature, due to which people avoid them. Still, by choosing them from our franchise, you will experience best pure linen cloth. Make a smart decision for your home and yourself by choosing linen from your store. If you’d like the cloth to stay more crisp and sturdy, then go for our product. You can also dry clean the linen easily without any difficulty.

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